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Association Alpaga Développement



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  • Dress in sober colours, black pants and a white top are generally recommended.
  • Do not wear clothes with publicity or logos
  • Be attentive to the judge and your animal
  • Present your animals in a clean state.
  • Do not use a blower or brush, as this is likely to damage the  structure of the fiber
  • Ensure your animals’ nails are short and neat

In the show ring: 

  • Lead your alpaca on his left side, keeping your hand at the height of his shoulder.
  • Always keep your animal in show stance, even if the judge is at the other end of the show ring.  He will be constantly observing all animals.
  • Do not chat with other participants in the middle of the ring.
  • If your alpaca is nervous try to calm him down.
  • You will improve the presentation of your alpaca if the lead rein is held raised.
  • You must change your handling position to the other side when the judge moves around your animal to allow him an unrestricted view.
  • If you must correct the position of your alpaca, move him around in a clockwise direction.
  • When a judge makes his decision, he will call to you and give you a position. Do not leave the ring at this point though as he can always change his mind and alter the placing of his winners.
  • Be a good sport. 
  • Turn in a clockwise direction when in the ring
  • When moving as a class, follow the animal in front leaving an alpacas length between you.

Experienced competitors of Alpaga Developpement will show you the ropes, if desired, in your first competition.

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