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Agility and Trekking Competitions PDF Print E-mail

Some shows hold agility/trekking competitions after the conformation and wool classes ; notably in shows held for both llamas and alpacas.

These classes help to preserve the sure footedness traits of the animals, especially of the llama when pack carrying on rough or difficult ground. In these classes the animals must cross between or over obstacles whilst being led by a handler.

Success is gained as a result of the complicity between the animal and handler. The animal must allow itself to be led submissively on a lead rein for the entire course.

During judging points are deducted from both the animal and handlers scores for mistakes made and any deviation from the set course results in disqualification.

A combination of obstacles are used such as footbridges or slopes, cavaletti, slaloms, steps, steps with ramps, tunnels, walking on plastic sheeting, under curtains etc.  Other obstacles can be used providing that they do not present risks for the animals or handlers.

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