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alpagaField shelters can be left with one or two sides open, preferably facing east, alpacas like to havean all-round view of their surroundings.
If you live in a cold area and he is sufficiently confident with you and his new environment, he may appreciate a closed box or old stable, though it is preferable to leave the doors open so he is free to enter and leave at will.

Acreage: allow approximately1000 m2 per alpaca (depending on the quality of your land). In addition to shade provided by field shelters, the natural shade of trees are appreciated by alpacas in hot weather.

Fencing of the land can be done with sheep netting at a height of 95 cm, with the addition of two strands of smooth wire on top bringing the total height to 130 cm. Alpacas do not challenge fencing under normal conditions when they are contented; for males a more solid enclosure may be necessary, if possible away from females to avoid fighting and over excitement.

The land should ideally be divided into two enabling one half to rest, whilst the other is grazed. This helps considerably in limiting the multiplication of internal parasites in the soil. After six weeks rest land is considered to be free of the parasites contained in feces.
This preventative action, complemented by a coproscopic analysis, in general makes it possible to reduce the number of treatments against worms given to the alpacas; moreover too frequent use of anti worm treatment can lead to a loss of some of the natural defenses of the organism.
The field shelter should be placed between the two areas, in such a way that the animals can have access to it wherever they are. It is preferable to position gates in the corners of the enclosure, this makes herding the animals out of the field much easier.

A small catch pen in one corner of the enclosure allows you to catch and treat the animals much more easily and with less stress. We noticed that by catching them in this way they were calmer, than when caught in the field shelter. Indeed, they are happier when secured in an open space, and are more content to stay there.

"Alpaga dévelopment" can, if you wish, help plan your farm layout, including sitting of your field shelters, catch pens and gates. Correct farm planning can add considerably to the confidence and security of your animals and aims to keep them in as much of a natural setting as possible.

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