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General care of alpacas consists of nail cutting, worming, vaccination etc… these simple acts will be demonstrated to you if you attend one of our introduction days.  To carry them out, you will need to contain the alpacas in a small corral or catch pen which enables you to handle them calmly. They will also need shearing once a year by a professional who will also check their teeth, cutting them if necessary.

Alpacas are hardy animals, which do not have particular health issues. They are however sensitive to mites which can burrow into the skin causing irritation and subsequent skin damage. It is important to treat the primary symptoms of mites and to ensure the alpacas receive a correct balance of minerals to help maintain skin health.  Certain animals are naturally resistant, others, on the contrary, are more sensitive..The treatments available have a variable effectiveness depending on the animals; some of them should not be given to pregnant females.
Precautionary measures are also necessary, in particular quarantining any new animals you have bought, before introducing them into your herd. Some animals can be healthy carriers and present no or very little clinical signs. It is therefore important to isolate them on arrival and give a preventive treatment before including them in your herd (+ mineral complementation).Skin problems are another area that our research centre will study. There is still much work to do in this field.

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