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alpagaAlpaca breeding is first and fore mostly a passion and an exciting adventure. Its qualities, elegance, sweet nature and its originality make it a particularly engaging animal.

1) Animals.
Initially you need to define your objectives, and choose between professional breeding or breeding for a hobby.
Then decide if you want to produce show animals or alpacas for pets and pleasure.
If you want to breed professionally and could afford to, you could start the quick way with high quality animals, the other way is to buy more moderately priced animals and use the services of good stud males to obtain improvement in your stock within a few generations.

You will need to recognise the finer points of an alpaca before you buy, or entrust the help of a knowledgeable and impartial person. Show results and fleece statistics are also a reliable source of information. Our association can put you in touch with qualified advisers.

2) Administration.
If it is your intention to start breeding professionally, we can help and advise on registration, administrative procedures, obtaining the statute of farmer, etc...

3) Farm Layout.
We can also help with theoretical and practical information on farm layout including, fencing, construction of field shelters etc...

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